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Fire Because of Toasters & How to Prevent them!

The toaster is one of the most common household appliances in the world. It’s easy to see why toast has become a breakfast staple over time, since it takes just seconds to prepare and tastes delicious! But unfortunately, if not used properly, your trusty kitchen appliance can turn into an inferno that destroys everything in its path. Here are some ways you can prevent this from happening.

You may have seen many videos or pictures on social media sites of people’s homes being destroyed by their own toasters catching fire while they were cooking breakfast. We want to help you avoid this unfortunate scenario!

Are Toasters a Fire Hazard?

While most toasters are safe, they have the potential to be a fire hazard. A small percentage of people do experience their toaster catching fire during usage. If you want to play it safe, you can always purchase a new one or just begin using your oven for all of your toast needs.

Are Cheap Toasters More Likely Than Expensive Ones to Catch Fire?

Some of the most talked about instances of toaster fires have occurred with budget-friendly, inexpensive models. It’s not that expensive appliances are safer than cheap ones—it’s just that there might be more of them out on the market.

What Are Some Red Flags That Toasters Aren’t Safe?

  • If your toaster seems hot while it’s operating, that could be a clear sign that it’s not safe.  If the outside of your appliance is starting to melt or discolor, that’s a sign that it’s getting too hot.
  • Another red flag would be if your toaster gives you any sort of warning before catching on fire—like smoking, sparks, and bad smells.

Are Toasters Safe During a Power Outage?

Since most toasters are electric appliances (and not gas), they’re typically safe during a power outage. However, if the electricity is only out for an extremely short time period (like half an hour or less) it’s best to wait until later to see if toast is needed. This is because it might take some time for your oven to cool down enough after powering back on for it handle food!

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent My Toaster from Exploding Into Flames?

Step 1 – Inspect the Toaster’s Cord

Before you use your toaster, take a look at its cord. If it has any cracks or tears in it, that’s not safe! This can lead to electrocution, which is never fun. It’s best to purchase a new appliance if this happens.

Step 2 – Check the Outside of the Toaster for Signs of Damage

Also be sure to check on the outside of your appliance for signs of damage. For example, if anything is discolored or melting away due to high heat, don’t run your toaster until you’ve had it looked at by an expert!

Step 3 – Keep Your Toaster Unplugged During Usage

should always unplug your toaster during usage. It may be dangerous to leave it plugged in with food inside of it, since this can cause overheating and possibly a fire!

Step 4 – Don’t Use Your Toaster When the Inside is Full of Crumbs

You  should always wait for your toaster to cool off before you clean it out. If there are any crumbs or dust bunnies left behind after you’ve used your appliance, those will burn easily if you try to make toast again with them still in the device!

Step 5 – Always Allow the Toaster Time to Cool Down Between Uses

should never use their appliance more than once every hour. This spreads out the heat it gives off, so that your home doesn’t become too hot.

Step 6 – Don’t Use Flammable Items in Your Toaster

If you want to avoid a kitchen fire , never place flammable items like paper towels, waxed tissues, or cardboard inside of the device. If the inside begins to heat up and those things catch on fire, that’s when your house can go up in smoke!

Step 7 – Be Careful When Using Too High Temperature Settings

The higher the temperature setting you set your toaster at, the faster it will cook food and cause very high levels of excess heat! It’s best to use only moderate settings.

What Should I Do if My Toaster Blows Up?

While fires are terrifying events that no one wants to go through, it’s important to keep a level head and follow the steps we’ve mentioned here.

First, make sure you  check that everyone is out of harm’s way and then call for help.

Next, if you can safely attempt to do so, turn off the power in your home so that no further damage occurs. Finally, always be sure to  take pictures of the damaged appliance before throwing it away. This way you have proof that this was not your fault!

How to Clean a Toaster after a Fire.

Step 1 – Check the toaster for any remaining embers

Before you do anything, check your appliance to make sure there are no leftover embers still burning.

If you smell any smells indicating that your toaster is still hot, turn off the circuit breaker. Never attempt to remove an ember with metal tongs or pliers because this can cause sparks and lead to yet another fire!

Step 2 – Douse the burned area of your appliance with baking soda.

This will help put out any small flames that might be lingering around. Use a wet cloth or sponge dipped in water to clean up any melted plastic parts on the outside of your device.

Soak all removable pieces in soapy water overnight before putting them back into use. Do something else for a few hours so that you can give your toaster time to dry out.

Step 3 – Wash All Removable Parts in the Dishwasher

Don’t use any abrasive sponges or cloths when cleaning these parts because they can cause damage!

Toaster fires are very dangerous! It’s important that you know how to prevent them if you own an appliance of this kind in your home.

Be sure not to leave it plugged in while empty, since this is the most common way people experience kitchen fires . Be careful when using high settings on your device, and never attempt to make toast with crumbs still inside the device!


Fires are very scary events that can cause much destruction. It’s important to keep a level head and practice fire safety at all times by following the tips we’ve given here!

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